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Sometimes we just need a refreshing cool down. Whether it be from the beaming sunshine, sitting in a hot office or after an intense workout we all crave an icy refreshing something from time to time. You may instantly reach for sugary frozen treats such as ice lollies or ice cream in these siturations - well think again! We’ve come up with a quick few frozen fixes which provide you with your nutrients, proteins and vitamins which will help you retain a healthy diet whatever the weather.

Fruit-filled Ice Pops

This simple concoction will have you lapping up your nutrients and anti-oxidants in a classic summer fashion but with an added health bonus. Get yourself some ice lolly moulds, top up the contents with some water or your favourite fruit juice and scatter a selection of thinly sliced fruits within it and freeze – it’s that simple!

Fruit Cubes

Another fun and cooling way to take in your health fix! Create a cool accomplice to your drinks with these flavoursome ice cubes. It’s simply a case of distributing a selection of your favourite fruits cut up in your ice moulds under some water and freezing until they are ready.

Seedy Frozen Yoghurt

Take your yoghurt and a sprinkling of seeds into sub-zero territory and serve up a gloriously cooling treat. The most delicious selection would come in the form of Hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds which give you a healthy dose of Omega 3/6 and zinc and magnesium respectively. Check out our run down of Super Seeds to gather some more topping ideas for a max health impact. You could even serve the seedy frozen yoghurt up atop a crispy wafer cone to replicate the traditional ice cream, or use one of Nakd bars to dunk. Our dairy free yoghurt recipe would be perfect to serve up frozen!

Frozen Fruity and Veggie Bites

Perhaps the simplest way of collating some healthy frozen goodies is by freezing an array of your favourite fruits and vegetables. Some which go down particularly well in the frozen format are bananas, grapes, avocado, mango, watermelon, orange, blueberries and raspberries. All you need to do is cut these up into bitesize pieces and freeze. This is a perfect cooling treat to serve up at a barbecue, party or picnic! 


Ideal for a much needed nutrition boost around breakfast time, the smoothie offers all the benefits of a cool drink with a burst of healthy fruit and vegetables providing us with that much needed influx of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. A great tip to achieving ultimate satisfaction is using frozen fruit when you blend your delicious smoothie. Check out some great smoothie recipes on the NBF community site such as this mouth-watering Avocado and Mango recipe


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