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Healthy Half-Term Holiday Fun!

Healthy Half Term Fun 2

October half-term 2017 is quickly approaching – haven’t got anything planned for the kids yet? Not to worry, we’ve got a tonne of activities for awesome family days out and inspiration for snacks so you can keep your half-term agenda jam-packed and energised! 

Fun, nutritious and outdoors, these suggestions will allow you to pull the kids away from the TV or laptop screen and get active!


Farms & Fruit Picking

Heading out to a farm or a fruit picking spot is a great educational and interactive experience, it’s a perfect activity especially for younger children – minimal walking required and enough activities to keep them interested and occupied. There are some amazing ‘pick your own’ farms dotted throughout the country such as Garsons Farm in Esher, Grays Farm in Wokingham and Roundstone Farm near Worthing. 

Here, your kids will be able to learn about the source and growth of food whilst enjoying a lovely walk in the fresh air. Want to swot up? We have an in-depth article diving into the benefits of beautiful berries here.

Have a doodle!

Doodling holds a huge number of benefits and is also tremendous fun! Some of these benefits include improved memory, better concentration and enhanced creativity. While you're at it, why not enter our doodling competition where each entrant is in with the chance of winning a year's supply of Nakd bars? Find out how to enter here and discover more about the perks of doodling in our article the 5 benefits of a daily doodle



A family bike ride is an awesome way to explore nature and the outdoors. Whether you have your own or you want to hire out a few for the family, there are plenty of places you can do so. Some of the best family-friendly cycling trails include Lee Valley Park and the Bath Two Tunnels Circuit which is home to the longest walking and cycling tunnel in Europe – the walls of the tunnel are illustrated with incredible audio and visual displays to wow the kids!

Cycling in itself offers a whole bunch of benefits for kids and adults alike, additionally, it’s a low-impact exercise but healthy so is an enjoyable sport for any age group. For a wider scope of trails check out our 9 best cycling routes in the UK and for some information on the benefits of cycling check out why cycling is great for the mind and body

Healthy Snacks for Kids

All that activity need nutritious food! Here are some great ideas for food and drink that you can bring along with you on your half term excursions - tasty and snack-like but full of healthy and natural ingredients. 

Nakd Bars

We have plenty of flavoursome Nakd Bars that kids will love – appealing flavours such as Nakd Cocoa Coconut, Nakd Bakewell Tart and Nakd Cashew Cookie are among the wide-reaching Nakd range. Our bars satisfy the sweetest tooth and the pickiest palates with invigorating flavours using completely natural ingredients – no sugary syrups or any junk you usually find in snacks. They’re also vegan-friendly and dairy, wheat and gluten free so they can please tummies all round!  

Mixed Fruit and Nuts

Pack a tonne of fruits and nuts into your backpacks to satisfy those grumbly tummies rather than relying on crisps and chocolate bars. Almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts are among the most nature’s most nutritious nuts. Adding in a few dried fruits for good measure will also add a sweet and chewy consistency to the mix – this sort of healthy mix is more than capable of fuelling you and your family’s half-term activities and is a great alternative to easy packaged and processed snacks.   

Check out our article Kid’s Nutrition…Plant-Based Style for more on keeping your kids healthily fed as well as some further ideas for plant-based meals and snacks.  


Smoothies are another quick and easy way to provide your kids with something super tasty which is also full of nutritious and healthy ingredients. It’s fun to get the kids involved too! These are easily transportable when driving from activity to activity and incredibly easy to make – it’s just a matter of piling the right ingredients into a blender. We have some delicious and nutritious healthy smoothie recipes here on Natural Balance Foods! Why not try out this yummy avocado and mango smoothie? Avocado is awesome for smoothies both for consistency and nutrition – in this case, their creamy centres blend beautifully with the tropical taste of mango. Alternatively, for a nutritious breakfast, you can get your family prepped for a great day ahead with this green smoothie bowl


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