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Healthy holiday foods

Healthy Holiday Foods

Holidays are often seen as an excuse or justification to eat and drink what you like, and in any quantity! If this sounds familiar to you, be aware that too much “over-indulging” often means spending weeks or even months trying to lose excess weight that you’ve carelessly gained in a matter of days. Staying healthy, AND enjoying a trip away is not difficult. Here nutritionist Lucy-Ann Prideaux shows you how.

Having a healthy holiday

There are many countries and cultures whose traditional foods and diets are noted for their health benefits. This means that travelling to new places can in fact be a very healthy experience. Dining out in foreign places should be a particularly exciting time! Of course, there will be places you visit where 'vegetable' seems like a dirty word, or you can’t find anything familiar to eat, so spend some time checking out the local cuisine, hotel food and dietary habits before you go, as well as researching healthy snacks. This can be worth its weight in gold! If you have a particular dietary need, whether it’s eating dairy free or gluten free, you could also pack some Nakd bars as a quick and easy fix between meals.

The healthiest holiday foods

There is no reason why you can’t return from a holiday feeling rested, super-healthy, and having gained no weight at all! In fact, you can actually lose weight on a relaxing holiday, due to being less 'stressed' (stress can cause fat gain, and hamper weight loss), and if it happens to be somewhere very warm, you may well feel inclined to eat less! This is, of course, on condition you keep an eye on your alcohol intake, and depending on where you go… the local breads too!

The healthiest of cultures and foods are often to be found in Asia (e.g. India, China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia) and also in parts of the Mediterranean. Existing on local raw salads, vegetables, rice, and a little fresh bread, oil and wine is hard to beat, as is spicy dahl with rice and vegetables! So whilst you’re away, avoid fast food options, and choose traditional simple meals and cuisine. Prove to yourself that you can have a healthy holiday!


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