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Healthy Vegan Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Winter is a truly magical time of year! As the season creeps in, warmth emerges to thaw the cold in the guise of comfort - from the festivities of Christmas to warming food and drink. At Natural Balance we can’t think of anything better than tucking into a warming meal on a chilly day, so we’ve decided to pull together some vegan recipes and tips for you to dive into and try for yourselves.

We’ve dipped into our recipe archive and added some extra tips to bring you some of our most warming, healthy highlights so you can thaw the chill this winter! Taking you from breakfast through to dinner with snacks in between!

Breakfast Toppers

The ultimate winter breakfast warmer is a fresh bowl of porridge oats, and fortunately, we have a bunch of ideas for toppings which can be used in tasty and nutritious fashion! You can turn to our incredible range of Nakd nibbles (the Nakd Coconut Bliss works particularly well when melted in!) or alternatively other vegan favourites such as a scatter of almonds which are protein-rich and offer incredible antioxidants, apricots or blueberries.

Ancient Grains

Use ancient grains which offer incredible nutrients in their pure basic form. The likes of quinoa, chia, farro, kamut can all be suitably applied to any meal throughout the day to bring a nutritious boost to your diet, from warming breakfasts such as porridge oats or the flavoursome swell of an afternoon soup. These grains remain untouched by any food processes and remain in the same form that our ancestors consumed before us. 


Winter Warming Pumpkin Stew 

The usual sandwiches, pastas and salads can be somewhat unsatisfying in the winter – sometimes you just need something hot to tuck into instead, how about this warming soup which was created by our friends at Hillmots? Not only will you find some suitably wintery pumpkin flavours in the mix, but you’ll also stumble upon some fantastic tastes and highly nutritious ingredients!


Vegan Black Bean Chilli

What could be more warming than a chilli? Well with this vegan twist, you’re sure to enjoy it even further with the fantastic mix of healthy vegan contents! Black turtle beans act as the hearty centrepiece to this dish alongside a wealth of warming ingredients such as cinnamon, chilli powder and tamari sauce. It also includes our very own Nakd Cocoa Delight bar in the mix. Top tip: serve up with some delicious tortilla chips and guacamole containing our favourite veg - avocado


Did you know our Nakd bars are beautifully soft when warmed up a little? They develop into a lovely cakey consistency! This process is especially effective when using our Nakd Christmas Pud Bar and Nakd Ginger Bread Bar. Simply remove the packaging, place in the microwave for around 30 seconds before serving it up on its own or beside a dollop of cream or ice cream! Why not try our very own Nice Cream or Dairy Free Yoghurt.

To discover more vegan treats all year round, be sure to head to Natural Balance Food recipes for inspiration. 


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