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Helping Your Kids Eat Healthy

Kids eat healthy

When it comes to your kids, keeping them snack-happy and satisfied doesn’t have to be difficult. Nakd bars are a perfect replacement for chocolate and crisps, giving them the sweetness they crave without any nasty additives or preservatives. We love creating bars that are crammed with tasty fruits and other natural ingredients, giving them one of their five a day to keep them happy and healthy!

Here at Nakd, we are delighted that our bars have been at the centre of a school project undertaken by the children in year 4 (under the watchful eye of Mr Davies) at Romilly Primary School in the Vale of Glamorgan. Check out their video below and see what real school kids think of our bars

 It can be easier than you think to get your kids to eat healthier to enjoy more natural energy and goodness. All it takes is a few simple lifestyle nudges that you can follow too!

Natural, tasty nutrition

Good food equals better health. Don’t start preaching sugary gloom and doom, but show your kids healthy alternatives and explain why they are better. Instead of apple flavoured sweets, how about an actual apple, or instead of fizzy orange drinks, actual orange juice! The more your kids know about what they are eating, the more they will discover all of the new and healthy foods out there.

Set a good example!

Fill your kitchen cupboards with healthy fruit bars and cereals, avoiding the temptation of chocolates and biscuits. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t all treat yourselves once in a while, but there are always better options to satisfy sweet cravings. Nākd cereal bars are the perfect way to give kids a tasty treat without all of the nasty stuff, 100% packed with natural ingredients and counting as one of their five a day.

Get them closer to their food

Kids love to interact with things, so why not let them help with food shopping and preparation. Bring them along on your next shopping trip and let them choose what they want to eat, with the promise that they can help cooking it too! If they have had a hand in preparing a meal they are much more likely to eat a healthy meal and might even want to help planning other meals throughout the week.

Healthy breakfasts and snacks

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Set your kids off to a great day with some healthy cereal or fruit to keep their hunger at bay, leaving them to focus on their class. For snacks, slip in one of our tasty and nutritious Nākd cereal bars such as Berry Delight – they will love the natural fruity taste and satisfying texture.

These are just a few simple ways for you and your kids to explore healthier foods and snacks. We love hearing new ideas from parents, so if you have any more healthy tips for our nation’s kids, get in touch via email or on Facebook!


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