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How to avoid getting a cold over the winter

Cold at Christmas

The end of the year is the season for spending time with family, friends and loved ones, enjoying good food and generally unwinding after a long year. With so many great things to look forward to, staying fit, heathy and cold-free should be at the top of your priority list if you really want to make the most of the holiday. Unfortunately common bugs are all around! Fear not, we’ve got some brilliant tips to keep you flu free and skipping merrily into the New Year in the best health possible.

Eating well

What you put into your body you’ll get out of it. Of course, since it’s just after you’re more than allowed to indulge yourself in tasty treats, but don’t forget about your healthy proteins and fresh fruit/veg. We have a whole bunch of lovely food ideas that are vegan friendly, healthy and totally delicious! Just check out our recipes section for some inspiration.

Get quality time to yourself

It’s easy to be really busy during the festive period! With time off from work, friends to see and places to go, things might suddenly seem a little frantic. Of course this is one of the good things about the holiday season, but don’t forget to take some time for yourself to relax. If we are overworked or tired our bodies are not as good as fighting off infections so make sure you put aside some personal time for yourself, whether that’s taking a long bath, enjoying some telly or simply cosying up with a good book.

Watch out for germs!

As its peak cold season, you might want to be more wary about other people and their sneezes! We don’t mean for you to encase yourself in a disinfected plastic bubble, but just pay more attention to washing your hands regularly and keeping surfaces clean. If you take a lot of public transport, consider taking some disinfectant gel with you as trains and bus handles get touched by a lot of people!

Get some decent sleep

Ensuring you get enough good quality sleep isn’t just crucial for being able to function properly the next day. A lack of sleep can put a strain on your immune system which increases the chances of catching a cold or flu. Also, what’s better than a nice, long and comfy sleep in a warm bed when it’s cold and dark outside! 


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