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How To Be A Morning Person

How To Be A Morning Person

Many ‘night owls’ envy so-called ‘morning people’ for their ability to wake up and spring out of bed at 6 am, dancing and frolicking their way through the early hours before work. Whilst genetics and sensitivity to light play a role here, it doesn’t mean that ‘night owls’ can’t do certain things to make getting up earlier a lot easier. Learn how to wake yourself up early with these excellent tips that will help turn you from a night owl to a morning person.

Set up a good routine

More sleep = more chance of getting up earlier. Are you getting enough? Adults are meant to get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. A good routine is often the ticket to getting your full 7-9 hours every night – you can do this by setting a strict bedtime and becoming more loyal to your alarm call. Do you try and sleep right up until the last possible moment?  If so, try setting an alarm a little earlier than usual to give yourself more time to wake up. This means you can block out a bit of time for relaxation before you get on with your day, it’s usually lovely and quiet at this time too (unless you live in a house full of morning people!) so you can enjoy a chilled out coffee, read or even a brand new Nakd Oatie Breakfast bar!

Getting up this little bit earlier with the optimum amount of sleep means you can tackle your day’s tasks with an awake and attentive mind rather than in a sleepy, sluggish stupor.

Be wary of what you’re drinking and eating

The food and drink you consume in the hours before bed has a massive effect on the quality of your sleep. Drinking a lot of liquid before bed in general can disturb your sleep pattern by way of bringing on an urge to visit the bathroom mid-slumber. Coffee is an obvious beverage to blot out – you should try to limit yourself to having around 300mg of caffeine per day.

Check out some amazing foods to help you sleep here.

Don’t use your phone right before bed

Do you find yourself flicking through Instagram feeds and YouTube videos right up to the point where your drop off? Well, the problem may be there! Exposure to any light disturbs our circadian rhythms; it’s a particularly common problem in the modern day due to the copious amounts of artificial light present in our homes from our TV screens and smartphones. Try to avoid the screen for about an hour before bed to get the most from your sleep – exchange a late-night flick through Facebook for a flick through a novel or magazine.

Find an alarm that works for you

We’re blessed with a plethora of different alarms on our smartphones these days, some start gently whereas others are a full-on attack on the senses; different approaches work for each individual person so try out a few different alarms until you find something that works for you. 

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