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How to Clear Your Mind of Clutter

How to clear your mind of clutter

In the modern world we live in it is easy to forget how to relax, de-stress and clear our minds of all our worries and thoughts. In years gone by we would have our evenings and weekends to ourselves, before the days of mobile phones and email on every device we own. Now it can actually be very difficult to switch off and our minds can feel like they are being smothered!

Well fear not, for our friends at Hillmotts know a thing or two on how to feel better and have given us the following tips to share on how to clear your mind of clutter!

Slow Down! 

All too often when we begin to get excited or stressed about something, we actually speed up and rattle through it instead of 
slowing down to consider our options. So instead of hitting overdrive when you get congested with thoughts, slow down, take your time and process them properly. Sometimes it helps to take a time out completely, so go somewhere quiet for a short while where you won’t have to deal with any distractions.

Let It Go!

Anger, stress, worry – these are all emotions that can easily leave our minds in a mess. All too often it’s easier to just get angry at a situation instead of assessing it properly and dealing with it there and then in a calm manner. This causes us to harbour resentment and negative thoughts, so next time something is about to overwhelm you, take a step back and look at it objectively; imagine yourself as someone completely unconnected to the current situation and see it for what it really is.


It sounds silly but concentrating on your breath is an easy way to clear your mind, it helps to focus you on one pure thing and pushes all other thoughts away. This is why it is used so widely in yoga and Buddhism; it is not only a way to relieve stress but also a way to relieve our minds of these thoughts which burden us. It has an amazing calming effect, and after a bit of training can be a valuable tool to use in everyday life.

Write It Down!

It sounds strange but writing down your thoughts helps you to visualise them in a very real sense and means that you can work through your inner most thoughts and concerns. If your mind is full, lighten the load and express yourself – this will help you deconstruct things and make sense of it all.


Sleep is very important for our overall wellbeing, so make sure you’re able get enough of it when you’re feeling overwhelmed – it can do a world of good. Of course this is easier said than done, but by following these sleep tips, you stand a good chance of locking it all away until the next day. The phrase ‘sleep on it’ didn’t come out of nowhere!


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