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How To Strengthen Your Immune System

How To Boost Your Immune System

Right now we are right in the midst of January! Most of us experience a boost and a buzz in energy around this time fuelled either by our drive to fulfil our New Year’s resolutions or by our desire to set ourselves up for a prosperous year ahead. Unfortunately, this time of year is also a breeding ground for colds, flu, and illness due to the cold and dark days – nobody wants a bout of illness to rain on their parade, particularly in this state of being fired up! Rich Enion of is on board to offer some tips and recipes designed to boost your immune system…  

How are you guys and girls? I hope very well! 

In this post I’m going to share with you some very practical ways to help give your immune system a boost!  These tips and recipes will hopefully keep you strong enough from the inside-out to deal with whatever comes at you the start of the New Year (from the most testing weather to rebellious family members).

Yes, there are foods that can really support your immune system! Many of them are well studied and effective, but only when you try them! Ready!?

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When I think about foods and health I think both short and long term. I choose certain foods, drinks or recipes for acute symptoms and others for long term health… The short term for example might be to help fight off a bug or give me a quick boost and long term is more about developing my entire being into the most robust I can be!


1) Turmeric, ginger, black pepper, warm water (adding a little coconut milk may increase absorption of the fat-soluble nutrients). Ideally simmer the mix together for a few minutes before drinking (obviously let it cool a bit first). Find out more about the health benefits of ginger here.

To get really fancy you can ferment the turmeric, see recipe below.

2) Raw garlic. This might sound a bit disgusting (more for your friends and family smelling it) but garlic is a well-tested super food and also a traditional medicine food! Stick it in your smoothie, or on your eggs or just chew it down like I do!

Be warned: I remember being asked from the other side of a large lift if I’d been eating garlic… I had the day before eaten 4 raw cloves! This is one potent food!


1) Hearty soups full of in-season local vegetables and roots & pieces like warming ginger, turmeric, black pepper (and bone broth if you eat it). My favourite recipe is peas, broccoli, pink Himalayan salt, turmeric, black pepper, coconut milk. Alter the quantities to suit your taste.

2) Chaga tea. Chaga is a mushroom which grows on birch trees. It has one of the highest scores on the ORAC scale (nutrient density) AND it has been safely consumed for thousands of years AND is very well studied. I drink this almost every day as a supporter of my immune system, and because I like the mild earthy taste! If you’re in the UK you will find it here (LINK)

3) Reishi mushroom. Reishi is commonly consumed in the East as an immune supporting food / drink and is praised scientifically for its astonishing benefits. Though it’s quite bitter (I actually like bitter) Reishi is one of the most respected foods from the mushroom kingdom. I drink this pretty much daily too.

4) Foods that contain vitamin C (you knew that already) and selenium because both are known for supporting the immune system and are readily available in foods. Brazil nuts and liver (if you eat it) are sources of selenium. Goji and dark green leaves are my go to for vitamin C.

5) Stay hydrated with high-quality water. Staying hydrated can literally make or break your day—sure you’ve heard that before? But what about—Not all water is the same? Plastic bottles can literally affect the quality of your water. When in the UK I prefer spring water in glass bottles, filtered tap water or source it from a local spring using to locate the nearest one. Water; remember how useful it is, choose quality and embrace it—it might save you from unnecessary painkillers.

TOP TIP: What food is seasonal right now where you are? I ask as a little reminder that in season, local food is being created by the environment we are living in, in that moment - and it might just serve you right now. It’s almost like the weather, the land and the environment know what we as humans need. When choosing my foods I like to remember that we are always connected to the environment and nature (we are part of it!)

In the UK, the following vegetables and fruits are currently in season: Beetroot, brussel sprouts, cabbage, celiac, celeriac, Jerusalem artichoke, kale, parsnip, pumpkin, sewed, sweet potato, turnip, apple, clementine, cranberry, pear and pomegranate! 


Remember, I’m not a doctor! You should see a doctor if you get symptoms of illness and take their advice before taking mine. That said I am SO into this stuff! I’ve literally become fascinated by foods and herbs being used as preventatives and in some cases cures for common and even more serious illnesses.

Our forthcoming book BiteMeDieting and the current ENRICHD SMOOTHIES — EXOTIC POSSIBILITIES eBook is full of more information on this. The eBook includes 50+ references and is PhD reviewed it. NAKDANDHEALTHY will get you a 20% discount code if you fancy giving it a read - click here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and has prepared you with the right tools to stay fit and healthy throughout the year!

Have fun everyone!




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