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Keeping Healthy at Festivals

Eating Well at Festivals - Nakd Wholefoods

It’s music festival season! No doubt you’ll be packing up and setting off to your weekend of mud and music at Reading & Leeds, Green Man or Glastonbury at some point over the Summer. It’s great on the ears and the splendour of dancing with thousands of strangers is second to none. Festivals are also beneficial for fitness, the average festival-goer tots up a 15 mile hike over a weekend burning around 9000 calories. This paired with all the jumping and the likely resistance of mud means that your energy levels need to be at its peak.

In order to maximise and improve the experience of your weekend you need to be packed full of the right nutrients to pull you through. We’ve come up with some helpful alternative snacks and activities which you’ll be able to slot into your weekend no problem.

Eat Dried Fruits, Seeds and Nuts

Most festival’s food stalls provide you with much more than just burgers and noodles, you’ll be able to sniff out some organic stalls too. A festival go-to is yoghurts which you’ll be able to season with a smattering of granola, fruits, seed or nuts you’ve come prepared with. Hemp, pumpkin, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds are among the super seeds we recommend being small in size yet dense in nutrients – providing you with all those essential amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates which will boost you up in preparation for long-lasting energy.

Keep Drinking (Water!)

Alongside the beers and ciders you’ll no doubt be consuming over the weekend it’s highly important to stay quenched with bottles of water. Alcohol is actually a dehydrator so be sure to keep on top of the balance to make sure you’re consuming enough. Water not only keeps you hydrated but also allows you to control the calories you’re taking in, boosts muscles and helps your skin stay healthy (which in increased exposure to the sunlight at festivals is very much needed).

Yoga Classes

Get into the spiritual nature of the festival by embracing the hippy roots of the events. A whole host of festivals home companies which carry out many sessions throughout the weekend. Yoga is an incredibly efficient way of keeping your mind at max health and awareness. It’s also a great way of meeting people so you can go and see bands or acts with new pals!

Get munching on a Nakd Bar

Our easily portable snacks are perfect to slip into your backpack over a festival weekend, it can be popped up your sleeve or into your pocket when you’re roaming around the site watching your favourite bands. Our super snacks take up limited room but provide delicious flavours and nutrients with nothing but natural ingredients. You can buy your bars in bulk too so you’re well set for the few days - you could even share it out amongst your friends.

Dance Workouts

Get on your dancing boots in the fields, dance workouts are an incredibly effective form of exercise with terrific fun added to the mix too. The festival atmosphere is the perfect place to do this, get deep into the crowd at your favourite band, artist or DJ and throw some shapes. You can check out some alternative dance workouts before you go and put it into practice to the sweet sound of your favourite bands.


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