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Keeping Healthy at the Office

Healthy in the Office

Amongst all the buzz and socialising involved in the office environment, it can be hard to keep up a healthy lifestyle. There will always be post-Friday drinks, a vast array of birthday treats such as cakes and biscuits as well as seasonal temptations at Christmas and Easter.

So how do we conquer the office environment to stay healthy day to day? We borrowed the fitness expertise of Hilmotts to carve up some ideas…



  1. Try a quickfire 15-30 minutes of exercise before work. A small number of us are naturally morning people, but getting up that little bit earlier will give you a boost of energy which alleviates concentration levels and productivity. Once this becomes a part of your routine, the early mornings will become easier.
  2. A big problem with the office is how stuck we are to our desks. Make some effort to get up and walk around regularly – whether it’s heading to the kitchen to make a drink or printing something -  make it look like you’re going somewhere. If a colleague works on the other side of the office, walk over and liaise with them face to face rather than emailing the whole time. Check out some more tips on our article on using your work breaks effectively.
  3. Sack off the lift for the stairs – it may not seem like much but it helps burn a large amount of calories per week.
  4. An incognito desk exercise is clenching your buttocks and stomach, spending 15-20 minutes doing this every day will benefit your healthy lifestyle.
  5. A good old fashioned fidget also helps burn up your calories, on top of this try wiggling your feet and moving around in your chair. These simple movements can make a real difference to your week.

Eating Well


  1. The base ingredient to eating well at the office happens before you even get there - ensure you eat up breakfast at home before work. You also need to snack in between your meals to keep up a good diet, don’t consume anything too sugary as you’ll find yourself in a craving cycle.
  2. Pack your lunch to avoid the unhealthy hunt at lunchtime and the temptations of the supermarket stalls.
  3. Plan out your snacking from home to make it the healthiest it can be. Nuts, oatcakes, fruits and of course Nakd bars would all tick the boxes, this will avert you from any chocolate or sweet temptations.

Keeping yourself dosed up with water throughout the day not only hydrates you but also staves off the hunger. You may also want to populate your surroundings with some plants, we go further into this topic in our article 'Why plants at work and home are good for you'

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