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Office Life: How to improve posture

Office Life: How to improve posture UK

Have you ever caught yourself slouching whilst at your desk? Only to find yourself return to the position once you’ve attempted to correct it? It’s hard to shake off the habit. 

A huge majority of us work in offices and are sat down for the majority of the day… yet the human body is not designed to remain seated for long periods of time.

Our posture influences the arrangement of our muscles, bones and organs which can have damaging effects when incorrect.

So how do we improve and assume our correct posture? Let’s investigate!

What are the key signs of a good sitting posture?

Feet on the floor, knees in line with your hips, back rested on the chair so it’s supported, wrists and arms are placed so they are straight on top of the keyboard.

Now you’re sitting comfortably, let’s begin with positioning your computer/laptop correctly!

Your computer screen should be at eye level so your neck doesn’t strain. The best way to position this is by aligning the top of the monitor with your eye-line when looking forward. If you have a laptop you should think about getting a monitor so you’re not constantly looking downwards. This is a minor adjustment which holds huge benefits for the state of your posture.

Taking breaks

You shouldn’t stay seated for long periods of time. You need to ensure you’re taking breaks that allow you to stretch your legs and back throughout the day. Taking regular short breaks are more beneficial than infrequent long breaks. A good excuse to head to the kitchen to make a round of teas with Nakd bars!

If you’re struggling to think of things to occupy your break with then read our article using your work breaks effectively

Exercises to improve posture

There are plenty of exercises you can work into your routine either at home, at work or at the gym. Planks are a great mobile exercise to do, plus it targets your core muscles, back, shoulders and abs. Elsewhere, back extensions are an effective way of improving posture – all you need to do is lie on your front with your arms straight in front of you and raise your shoulders as much as you can before settling back down. Shoulder rolls are another great exercise for cementing correct posture and wiping out any tensions or strains.

Remember these are only tips to improve posture. If you are experiencing back pain or think you have an issue with your posture then be sure to get yourself checked in with a doctor. You can find more articles like this on our Healthy Living page


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