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Switching off: the benefits of going without tech

Switching Off

Do you find yourself scrolling through social media a little too often? Can’t get your eyes off your Instagram feed?

We spend so much of our lives on our digital devices at work and at home, sometimes we forget about the wonders that come with switching off from time to time. There is an increasing frequency of people who desire to loosen their relationship with tech (some call this a ‘digital detox’ or a ‘digital diet’) and there are some incredibly valid reasons why you should take part in this too!

Although research into this topic is still being developed, the following benefits are born out of several studies carried out to measure its effects.

Being in the moment

Although smartphone technology has gifted us with an infinite access to content anytime, anywhere, it has depleted our attention spans and serves as a source of constant distraction. Going without tech deprives us of this distraction and allows us to engage with our surroundings whether it’s a social affair, travelling somewhere by yourself or appreciating your surroundings on your lunchtime walk . Feel what it’s like to have a chat without being distracted by the buzz in your pocket or a walk without a constant sound through your headphones.  

This is also a great excuse to lock into some mindfulness techniques such as ‘mindful breathing’ or ‘mindful eating’ which essentially entails you shifting your focus to a bodily function that you wouldn’t usually pay attention to.

You can read our everyday mindfulness techniques here.

Improved Memory

Our retention of information has depleted in the wake of the smartphone age. Instead of reading and retaining information, we are now tend to utilise it for short-term use and allow our machines to serve as our memory rather than our own. In shaking off our reliance on technology, we can engage the full potential of memory. Read more about the study here.

Better Sleep

Our homes are now littered with artificial light which disturbs our circadian rhythms (otherwise known as the ‘body clock’) particularly in the evenings in the hours before bed. The artificial lights from our phones, TV and tablets trick these circadian rhythms into thinking its daytime which causes our appetite for sleep to become unbalanced. If you’re thinking of cutting back on your tech usage then the evening is certainly a wise place to start. It’s a great excuse to avert your eyes from your smartphone feeds to a book or magazine instead.

Check out our article sleep better, feel better for further information. 

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