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Tips for Enlightened Eating


Mindful eating, or spiritual nutrition is a poorly understood element of overall health and happiness. It has nothing to do with "religion" or strange eating rituals. It is simply a case of respecting the physical body, as well as the energetic, and spiritual body, and taking good care of what is essentially, the home of the soul, spirit or "self".

There's a saying that goes something along the lines of, "a healthy body is a home for the soul. An unhealthy body is a prison"! Profound… and yet so true. Here are my tips for eating in an enlightened way:

  • Next time you’re preparing a meal why not consider the impact you can have on your own, and others spiritual health? Here are some tips to a more enlightened diet, and way of eating.
  • Give thanks to the world for the food that you have access to, and the sheer fact that you are not short of fresh, natural and nourishing food. Gratitude and feeling grateful immediately puts you, and your body, in a positive, and peaceful state.
  • Commit to eating and buying natural healthy snacks, or food as close as possible to its natural state. This means plenty of fresh produce, choosing as much natural colour and natural tastes in the diet.
  • Eat an abundance of raw, uncooked, “living” plant-based foods.
  • When preparing a meal, be fully mindful of its potential to nurture you, and your family’s spiritual health, as well your physical health.
  • Choose to prepare a freshly cooked meal for your nearest and dearest, with their favourite foods. You are sure to make them feel truly loved and cherished.
  • Avoid preparing, cooking and eating food when you’re feeling upset or angry. Instead infuse your food and your body, with love and happiness, not anger or resentment.
  • Remember that many establishments are far more concerned with their own profits than with your health and digestion!
  • Avoid food that has been made in a factory, or establishment, where love and passion for the produce is absent. Choose instead to eat at home, or in restaurants where the owners are noticeably concerned with good food, prepared with love and passion.

Here’s to a more loving and mindful way of eating and connecting to others!



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