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Using Your Work Breaks Effectively

Using Your Work Breaks Effectively - Nakd Wholefoods


Humans are not supposed to stay seated all day long. Our day-to-day lives have changed drastically from the active lifestyles of our ancestors who would have to hunt and build shelter for their survival, now a huge number of us are working at desks in offices. Due to the lack of physical demand in office work, it is important to utilise your breaks in order to be active and get outside. It’s one of the best ways to improve your focus, productivity and ultimately your quality of work.

So, why should we take breaks? How exactly should we be spending them? Let’s investigate!

Firstly, make the time for your breaks

Taking work breaks should hold the same level of importance as a meeting or answering your emails – however a study carried out by the BBC found that 54% of office workers work through their lunch breaks. The environment and culture of certain industries can influence how many breaks you choose to take, but if you feel you aren’t taking enough breaks then speak to your boss about it. They have control and set the guidelines which dictate how much time you take, however if you can highlight the benefits it gives to productivity then they are bound to see the sense in your query.   

Purposeful breaks

Fuel your breaks with a purpose. Have some sort of activity to carry out, whether it’s reading a book, taking a stroll or having a quick 20 minute run. Many people have taken to exercising on their breaks which is incredibly beneficial to cognitive function, energy levels and reducing stress levels. In order to ensure you’re gaining the appropriate amount of breaks, set yourself alarms throughout the day to remind yourself.     

Get outside

It’s important to change your environments throughout the day in order to stay focused. Getting a spot of sunshine and a breath of fresh air is the ideal change needed to break up your time and will allow you to revisit tasks and complete your day with a clear head - you’ll reap the benefits of a good walk, whilst the sun will provide you with a healthy dose of vitamin D. In fact, vitamin D is one of the largest deficiencies in the modern day due to our work drastically shifting from the outside and into the office - it's important for healthy bones and boosting energy.  

Take a Nakd break

Ever been irritated by the fact that those who smoke are unquestionably allowed to step outside for 5 minutes? Well this unwritten law should be passable to anyone, why not take a Nakd bar to nibble on for 5 minutes with a cup of tea? Our Nakd Find Your Favourite Box is ideal for a working day due to the pure natural ingredients they’re comprised of and their variety of beautiful flavours. Our bars will fill that hunger void in between lunchtime and the end of the day.  

For more office nutrition and healthy lifestyle advice check out our guide to keeping healthy at the office.


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