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Veganuary is back! Eat clean and feel great in 2016

Welcome to Veganuary

It’s that time of year again - Veganuary is back and better than ever! As big fans of the vegan lifestyle and all the benefits it brings, we are once again spreading the good word about going vegan for a month.

For many people, January is all about starting fresh with a new outlook and health goals. Some might sign up to a gym, whilst others give up smoking or alcohol. Why not take it a little further and explore a completely new lifestyle; we think you’ll love it!

Why you should give it a shot

If you’ve been feeling less energetic, want to lose weight or generally want to feel better, changing up your diet could be the answer. Simply changing it on the fly is kind of difficult, but with Veganuary you have the perfect excuse to give it a trial run. Who knows, it might lead onto something long-term!

The best part is that as well as enjoying a number of health benefits, you can actively make a positive impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and also abstaining from animal products.

If you want to know more about veganism, check out our vegan FAQ.

But how do I even do it? What do I eat?

One thing which may seem daunting to people considering going vegan is whether or not they will be reducing their food choices or sources of essential nutrition. Well, it really isn’t difficult – in fact, a lot of vegan foods are downright delicious and give you all the nutrition you need.

We are constantly adding tasty vegan recipes to our website, but here are a few easy ideas for you to start with!

Snacks, salads and starters:

Main meals


I’ve never done this before! Do you have any other tips?

Of course we do! At NBF we love giving people everything they need to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, especially if they are looking to try out veganism!

For more information on why going vegan is good for you, check out our articles on raw food diets and the benefits of natural food which go into more detail on the benefits of eating clean.

If you’re thinking about going for it, great! In that case you’re probably going to want to read our top tips for starting out which has information on handling basic nutritional needs and how to fit your new life around the old one.

We have also put together some fantastic vegan food hacks to make things easy.

Trust us – you’ll love it and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to live vegan and enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.



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