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What are probiotics?

Vegan Sources of Probiotics - Natural Balance Foods

We hear it all the time: eat your yoghurt for probiotics, your gut will thank you, but what is all that hype really about? What are probiotics and why are they so good for us? Well, get your microscopes out, we are taking a look!

Digestion and Immunity

Our gut is home to good and bad bacteria and maintaining the right balance is more important than one would think. As bacteria are often thought of as the bad guys in the world, it may come as a surprise that our body needs colonies of bacteria in order to stay healthy. These healthy bacteria help to break down and digest food, produce vitamins and battle with other bad bacteria that threaten to take over.

In addition, latest research also suggests that good bacteria play an important role in the immune system boost and mental health support.

Where can we get them?

These good bacteria have somewhat unfamiliar names like lactobacillus and are regularly associated with dairy products such as, yoghurt and kefir. Dairy is inexpensive and provides an easy source of the culture medium needed to feed and grow the bacterial colonies. But that isn’t at all to say that there aren’t plenty of vegan options - fermentation is the name of the game.

So now you know what probiotics are, but where can we get them in our everyday food. Stay tuned and we will be posting part two of our look into probiotics really soon.  It’ll feature a handy list of the best vegan probiotic sources that you might be eating already but with some funky options for you to try as well.


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