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What is Acai and why is it so Amazing?

What is Acai and why is it so Amazing?

Acai berries are brilliant! They have so many benefits for both inside and out of your body and can make you feel super from head to toe. Used for hundreds of years in South America, Acai has now gone mainstream and is firmly in the nutritional spotlight.

Pronounced ‘ah-sah-ee,’ the berry itself comes from the acai palm tree known as the ‘tree of life’ that grows over 15 metres in height. This special tree produces these small berries with a deep purple glow, indicative of the health benefits that lie within its rich exterior used in the Amazon for their healing properties. 

So what exactly makes this berry so brilliant? 


A member of many superfood lists, acai is from the same berry-family as cranberries and blueberries and is well-known for having bright pigmentation and high antioxidant levels. Thanks to these antioxidants, acai is a popular part of any detox diet and have been used for centuries to cleanse the body of any contaminants.

Aging-aging properties

These purple wonders are also thought to help fight off aging as they can prevent free radicals (contributors to premature aging) that accumulate in our body through environmental pollution and un-natural food.

Working out

Acai also boost energy thanks to the powerful array of antioxidants that help create faster recovery times, increase stamina and the ability to focus. If you’re looking for a brilliant post-work out treat, they are also a good source of amino acids - the building blocks of protein.


Acai berries can help promote healthy digestion due to their dietary fibre and help to keep the digestive system clean and free of any unwanted waste materials.


Acai berries are extremely versatile and can be used as a powder, in cereal, juices, smoothies, energy drinks, oatmeal, plain yoghurt, or just mixed with water to be drunk. The power is made of the flesh of fruit being freeze-dried soon after harvest that helps keep in a lot of the natural minerals. Of course, if you eat them raw and unprocessed you’ll get the most benefit!

Oh yeah, one last thing - their taste has been described as a combination of chocolate and berries - now who wouldn’t want to eat something that tasted of chocolate without all the added calories!


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