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Why eat whole foods?

why eat wholefoods?

Healthy snacks don’t have to be time consuming to prepare, nor should they be difficult to seek out in the supermarket. At Natural Balance Foods, we’ve discovered the secret to eating healthily is a lot simpler than you think; choosing whole foods is a really easy way to make sure that what goes into your body is going to make you happy, healthy and full of energy.

What do we mean by whole foods as healthy snacks?

Whole foods might sound like something you can only get in a health food shop, but in reality they are everywhere! A whole food is a food that’s simple, wholesome and untouched, just the way nature intended. This means it isn’t laden with extra ingredients such as artificial preservatives, and it hasn’t been subjected to intense processing such as baking. As a result wholefoods taste delicious because they’re free from the chemicals and added sugars which often get in the way of great tasting food.

What makes whole foods different

Whole foods are different to other snacks because they’re either unprocessed, or have been processed as little as possible before reaching you. For example, you might be shocked to learn that on average it takes 3 hours 45 minutes to make a typical cereal bar! It takes this long because the bars are heavily processed before being packaged, normally snack bar ingredients are covered in syrup, infused with preservatives, enhanced with artificial flavours or even have oils and gelling agents added to them before being baked at high temperatures, destroying most of the ingredient goodness. A snack such as this no longer contains whole foods, as many of its nutrients have either been lost along the way or overshadowed by less healthy additives.

Healthy snacks that count as whole foods

Here’s the easy bit: any food which comes from the hands of Mother Nature is a whole food. So when you eat foods in their ‘whole’ or unrefined state, you can almost always guarantee that those are fantastically healthy snacks. These foods contain all sorts of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are the bi-products of tasty, natural food. Once you start to add more whole foods into your diet, you’ll quickly realise how great they make you feel and just how tasty natural foods are. And before you know it your pallet will have adapted to the natural taste of food and all the processed ‘junk’ becomes far less appetising! Here are some examples:

  • Nuts, seeds and whole grains
  • Legumes such as kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas
  • Fruits such as dates, berries, oranges, apples, raisins

Do Nakd and Trek bars count as whole foods?

You might be wondering why we’re championing the whole foods movement when we make snack bars. Well, we use the principle of whole foods as our ethos, which means we try to use as few ingredients as possible in our bars. This means:

  • We don’t add artificial flavours or preservatives
  • We don’t use any sugars or syrups to make our bars stick, instead all you’ll find are delicious natural ingredients such as fruits, nuts and oats, ‘smooshed’ together into a bar.
  • We don’t bake our bars; in fact, we prefer to keep our ingredients raw so that all the nutrients and freshness stay locked in

 Why not try one of our healthy, tasty snacks for yourself?


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