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Here at Natural Balance Foods we started making healthy wholefood alternatives to processed foods in 2004. We knew people had low taste expectations of healthfood (think mung beans and dry rice crackers) and that we could do something far more exciting and delicious! So we set about bringing people snacks that are genuinely healthy and actually taste good. The result is our range of healthy snacks and bars which are a fantastic choice for those who want to look good, feel good, and do good, no matter what their busy lifestyles bring.

Healthy snacking re-inveted

This is why we  invented Nakd; a delicious range of cereal bars and snacks that have revolutionised healthy snacking and continue to surprise and delight all who indulge.  And, as an active bunch we couldn’t forget those who love climbing mountains and swimming lakes – so we brought you TREK bars – packed with protein and essential ingredients to keep you going when you need it most.

We love inspiring others!

We care so passionately about what we do and spreading the wholefoods message, that you’ll often find our MD – Jamie – out talking to and inspiring University students and young entrepreneurs to make good business decisions for the healthy future of our people and our planet. We believe the future is in their hands.

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