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Nakd Mixed Case

Nakd 35g Mixed case
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  • Gluten free & yummy
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Our Nakd mixed case combines ALL of the yummiest varieties of snack bars we have in our Nakd 'nudie' range ***now including NEW Nakd BAKEWELL TART FLAVOUR BAR!!***  Perfect for those who love to snack on healthy nutritious food which doesn’t compromise on taste, you’ll find this the perfect ‘go to’ snack box for everyday treats and snacks.

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You can buy this handy mixed case right here on our website, simply pop it into your basket and we’ll have your bars with you before you know it!

Just fruits & nuts smooshed together!

The bars in this yummy mixed case are made from just fruits and nuts smooshed together, making them ideal those looking for healthy alternatives to sugary snacks. Inside you’ll find lots of lovely flavours including the delectable Berry Delight bar, as well as chocolatey Cocoa Orange, wholesome Ginger Bread, nutty Cashew Cookie, and our newest flavour - Bakewell Tart flavour.  Yum!  

You’ll be pleased to know that most of these fantastic bars contains one of your five a day too! Made with all natural ingredients, you can indulge in these knowing there are no hidden extras such as sugars or additives.  Pure guilt-free goodness.

Here’s what you’ll get in this mixed case:

  • Two of each of our eight flavours - plus one Rhubarb & Custard and One NEW! Bakewell Tart as well as firm favourites Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Orange, Ginger Bread, Pecan Pie, Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Delight and Berry Delight

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Supremely simple – , no added sugar or syrups

  • Gluten, wheat, dairy & GM free

  • Just raw fruit & nuts cheerfully smooshed together

  • Many bars count towards your 1 of 5 a day

  • Simply yummy!

There are so many delicious snacks packed into this box, each loaded with so much goodness, it’s hard to list them all! Please refer to individual products for detailed information on the bar ingredients. However, what we can proudly say here is that each and every bar is:

  • Dairy free

  • Wheat and gluten free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Low in saturated fats

  • Free from added sugar and syrups

  • GM Free

  • Kosher

There are so many delicious snacks packed into this box, each loaded with so much goodness, it’s hard to list them all! Please refer to individual products for detailed information on the nutritional content.

Allergy information: may contain traces of soya, peanuts and other nuts.

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Miss M Baltzer

Great selection
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Miss M Baltzer 19 October 2015
I tried a Nakd bar recently at a friends and having followed a paleo diet a while back, was struck that it's a brilliant snack, made from just fruit and nuts etc, gluten free. I ordered the mixed box, I've got loads left to try but the only one I was disappointed by so far was rhubarb and custard, just didn't taste anything like it and was bland. Only thing is - it is full of a LOT of natural sugar in these bars. So yes they are unprocessed - tick for good, gluten free - tick for great, natural - tick for fab but don't be fooled into thinking you can just eat loads of them as they are 'healthy'. Everything in moderation I it's better than a bar of chocolate! Still looking forward to getting through the rest :)
Mrs S Atkin

Excellent product and great value box
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Mrs S Atkin 22 September 2015
My whole family are huge fans of Nakd range so the mixed boxes are always a big hit. Freebies included are also a great addition. :D Fab products, brilliant quality and taste. Healthy treats for a reasonable price.
Mr M Bean

Great Selection
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Mr M Bean 27 August 2015
Amazing flavours, very filling for their size, and also healthy. Epic Win.
Mrs E Young

Variety is the spice of life!
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Mrs E Young 16 August 2015
I love this variety box. Lots that I had had before and some new flavours to enjoy too. Cannot believe that these are a healthy snack and sooo delicious. My 6 year old loves the new bakewell tart flavour.
Miss A Old

Heaven in a box!
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Miss A Old 03 May 2015
I'm in love with Nakd bars and because I find it so hard to choose between my favourite flavours this box is great to recieve every and enjoy flavour! They're ridiculously scrumptious whilst being super healthy. I'll turn into a Nakd bar soon...
Mrs M Hutchinson

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Mrs M Hutchinson 27 February 2015
Love the mixed box...flavours that I haven't had before and the old favourites, yummy!!!
Miss K Klassen

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Miss K Klassen 27 January 2015
I love the nakd bars, they're so simple and so tasty! my favorite is the Mixed Fruit Nut bar. :)

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