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Nakd Cocoa Crunch - 18 Bars

Nakd Cocoa Crunch
  • 18 protein packed bars
  • 1 of 5 a day
  • No added sugar
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Our Cocoa Crunch bar is everything you would want in a tasty and nutritious snack with the added bonus of being packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer. This bar has a delicious chocolatey taste with a crispy crunchiness that is absurdly satisfying. Having no added sugar or syrups and only the most honest of ingredients, eating this bar slowly is nearly impossible as each bite is yummier than the last.

Choc’ full of flavour

We are confident that once you have finished your first bar, you will be a Cocoa Crunch convert which is why we offer a brilliant case of these bad-boys at a great price. Never go without a snack again by picking up a case right here from our website and having it delivered straight to your door. Easy!

What do people think of our Cocoa Crunch?

“This bar is awesome! I try and savour the taste after each bite but the crunchy parts are too good and I end up munching until it’s finished. I would describe the taste as being both chocolateley and fruity and I will definitely be trying out the rest of the range soon!” - Paul

What’s in our Cocoa Crunch?

Unlike other snacks that are out there, our bars are brilliantly simple with only a few ingredients that pack a nutritious punch without having to resort to the usual additives and added sugars. Filling and real, everything that goes into this bar is 100% natural, consisting only of real fruit, soya crunchies, cashews, cocoa and a tiny hint of natural flavouring - and that’s it!

They say that you can’t please everyone, but in the case of our Cocoa Crunch, we can! Perfect as a snack for anyone on a specific diet or with special requirements, this bar is:

  • Wheat, dairy and gluten free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Low in saturated fats

  • Free from added sugar and syrups

  • GM Free

  • Kosher

  • Deliciously simple!


Ingredients: Dates (43%), SOYA Protein Crunchies (SOYA, tapioca starch, salt) (16%), Raisins (16%), CASHEWS (15%), Cocoa (5%), Apple Juice Concentrate (4%) and a hint of natural flavouring.

Allergy Information: may also contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and the odd shell or pit piece :) 

Typical values  per 100g per 30g
Energy 1469kJ 440kJ
Energy 351kcal 105kcal
Fat 8.8g 2.6g
(of which saturates) 2.0g 0.6g
Carbohydrate 47.2g 14.2g
(of which sugars) 42.9g 12.9g
Fibre 6.3g 1.9g
Protein 18.4g 5.5g
Salt 0.6g 0.2g

Contains only the naturally occurring, unrefined sugars found within fruit.

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 N Yeryomina

My Favourite Treat!
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N Yeryomina 30 January 2016
I have been a big fan of Nakd for a long time. I lately started to incorperate more Raw foods into my lifestyle, and i love how your bars provide that guilt free treat. there so delicious, great for travel and just healthy snacks, with simple and few ingredients where I don't have to worry whats gone into them. just want to reach out and say thank you for a great product!
Miss L Glaubig

Most lush munchies ever
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Miss L Glaubig 29 January 2016
This bar is soooo nicely crunchy and simply tastes fantastic! It's not overwhelmingly sweet (as other bars sometimes) and still intensively chocolaty. One of my favorites!
 A Potts

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A Potts 16 August 2015
These are amazing! So chocolatey! I love their crunch and they hit the spot perfectly for those moments when I need a chocolate fix!
Mrs J Lakin

Nak'd Choco Crunch
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Mrs J Lakin 16 August 2015
Love them. Can't believe there's a bar that included my favourite thing - chocolate and protein too. It's great to be able to buy them in bulk, saves a fortune.

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