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Nakd Bakewell Tart - 18 Bars

Bakewell Tart
  • Dessert alternative
  • 1 of your 5 a day
  • 18 gluten free bars
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We have taken the classic dessert and given it the Nakd treatment, resulting in a snack bar that's totally tasty and good for you too!  This Bakewell Tart bar features the sweet, deep tang of dates and raisins combined with a hint of shortcrust, rounded off with a moist and nutty texture.  Sounds good right?  Well it is!  Perfect with a cup of tea, a snack between meals or for when you simply fancy a treat, grab yourself a Bakewell Tart bar and snack yourself happy!

Don't run out!

Sure, life is good when you're eating one but what happens when you run out?  To stop the unthinkable from happening, why not grab yourself a case of our Bakewell Tart bars to make sure one is always at hand for when you need it most.  Trust us - one is never enough.

Why do people love Bakewell Tart?

"When I saw a favourite childhood dessert in a vegan friendly bar, I simply knew I had to try it.  This right here is the real deal, and tastes just like the real thing, minus all the extra sugars and flavourings.  I definitely didn't feel guilty when I ate another one straight after!  Definitely recommended for the sweet-toothed out there!" - Sandy

Crammed with natural goodness

You might think that this bar can't possibly taste this good without some kind of added sugar or artificial flavourings.  Well, think again!  It tastes so good because it's all-natural and doesn't contain a single atom of anything that didn't come straight from Mother Earth.  So what's in the bar exactly?  Three ingredients.  THREE!  Dates, cashews and raisins topped off with a pinch of natural flavouring.

Vegan? Awesome! Avoiding gluten? No probs. Just like all of our Nākd bars, this Bakewell Tart bar is suitable for a whole range of dietary needs and is:

  • Dairy free

  • Wheat and gluten free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Low in saturated fats

  • Free from added sugar and syrups

  • GM Free

  • Kosher Approved

  • Deliciously simple!


Ingredients: Dates (49%), CASHEWS (35%), Raisins (16%) and a hint of natural flavouring.

Allergy Information: may contain traces of soya, peanuts, other nuts and the odd shell or pit piece :)


Typical values  per 100g per 35g



Energy 391kcal 137kcal
Fat 17.0g 5.9g
(of which saturates) 3.3g 1.2g
Carbohydrate 50.3g 17.6g
(of which sugars) 45.6g 16.0g
Fibre 4.9g 1.7g
Protein 7.5g 2.6g
Salt <0.1g <0.1g

Contains only the naturally occurring, unrefined sugars found within fruit.

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Ms L Davis

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Ms L Davis 30 March 2018
This bar is delicious! I like the marzipan and pastry flavors. Makes me feel like I am eating a dessert!
Mrs G Steel

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Mrs G Steel 15 January 2018
This has a divine marzipan taste mingled with cherry and I'm sure I can taste pastry!!??! I'm going to try popping a square of this on a square of the Ginger Bread version for a healthy Christmas cake!!! Utter magic!
Miss A Harwood

Yum yum yum!!!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss A Harwood 04 April 2017
I am spoilt for choice in my kitchen at work - so many chocolatey goodies but nothing healthy and tastey - sometimes the fruit bowl just doesn't hit the spot! This is such a satisfying snack with a cuppa in the afternoon. My only grumble is that I have now ordered 5 boxes of bars from this company and the number of freebies went from 2 to 1 after the 2nd box I ordered which I do not think is fair!
Mrs S Walker

What A Great Deal.........
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mrs S Walker 20 March 2017
A Very Happy Birthday to this Great company, Great Customer Services, Great Deal for 18 delicious bars for this week-end & Great Taste. I highly recommend. Thanks to ALL......
Mr S Warrior

How much sugar?!?
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mr S Warrior 08 March 2017
In trying to eat less sugar I bought one of these and couldn't find the sugar content on the wrapper or on the website! So a bit of research revealed these bars contain between 11g and 18g per bar!! Ok, it's natural fructose but that's still equates to 4 teaspoons of the whits stuff. Shame on you for hiding the facts from your consumers...!
Miss S V

Good flavour
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss S V 02 March 2017
One of the best flavours esp because of the marizpany flavour
 N Gounaris

So yummy
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

N Gounaris 02 December 2016
So good! Tastes soooo good!
Mrs J King

Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mrs J King 20 July 2016
The flavour is amazing, how do they do it!! Been wanting to try this one for a while and by luck it was one of my two free samples in my order today. Its been a very long time since I've been able to eat a Bakewell Tart but this is so much better. Thanks Nakd. Need to place another order now!!! :)
Mr R Poingdestre

Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mr R Poingdestre 28 June 2016
Taste fantastic and really does taste like a Bakewell tart. Nakd bars are the best ever. Keep up the good work nakd. :-)
Miss A Wren

So good!!!!!!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss A Wren 09 June 2016
Love this so much!! Taste so much like a Bakewell tart that I'm never going back to a normal one cos this one is so much healthier if you like Bakewell tart get this!!
Mrs l elson

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Mrs l elson 18 May 2016
These bakewell Tart bars are amazing full of flavor and 1 of 5 your a day !
Mrs k block

Taste just like a bakewell tart
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mrs k block 13 May 2016
Really like these bars so do my chide and we all agree they taste just like a bakewell tart
Mrs K Kuo

Sheer joy in a wrapper!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mrs K Kuo 11 March 2016
I have newly discovered Nakd bars after a friend gave me a piece of the chocolate orange one to try. I enjoyed this and so have been slowly working my way through the options. I was intrigued to see the new bakewell tart flavour at the supermarket and so purchased a box of four. Well they are simply delicious. The taste and texture are spot on and very yummy. These are definitely my favourite and as a result I'm about to order a big box online. I can now have a treat without feeling too guilty. I'm happy, happy, happy and will now try the rhubarb and custard option too.
 E Manners-Lilley

Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

E Manners-Lilley 08 March 2016
This came free in an order of Nakd nibbles and I LOVE cherry bakewell so I was very intrigued to try it. And I was definitely not disappointed! Absolutely scrumptious!!!!
Mrs L Ellis

Amazinly like a bakewell tart (which I have an obsession with)
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mrs L Ellis 03 March 2016
I LOVE bakewell tarts, so thought I'd try this bar - it is so much like the real thing but instead is all natural - what a fantastic combo. Would definitely recommend to all of those bakewell tart fans out there!
Mr D Everett

Too sweet!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mr D Everett 04 December 2015
As a regular consumer of 1/2 bar per day of Apple Crunch before my early morning gym session, I was excited to try for the first time this morning the Bakewell Tart bar - I cant disagree that they taste great BUT I found them to be far too sweet unfortunately :(
Mrs C McKay

Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mrs C McKay 16 September 2015
It's great to have a treat that is also healthy. The Bakewell tart bar is one of my favourites, perfect with a cuppa. Carry one in your handbag for emergencies!
Ms A Cardin

Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Ms A Cardin 21 August 2015
I really don't know what Bakewell Tart is, but these bars are among my favourite ones, because of the taste (great!) and also because they are soft and moist, not hard to chew at all.
Miss V Ulliel

Very nice taste
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss V Ulliel 18 August 2015
I have never tasted a bakewell tart so I can't compare, but the taste of this bar is really good, it reminds me of cherries.
Miss S Camley

Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss S Camley 17 August 2015
A great way to reduce sugar cravings.
Miss J Schofield

favourite treat
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss J Schofield 16 August 2015
Absolutely love these bars! My go to treat when i want something sweet thats not too naughty
Mrs R Cleak

Almond heaven
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Mrs R Cleak 21 June 2015
I also love bakewell tart and amaretti biscuits (the soft ones)and now I've found a bar which tasted like both....without all the sugar in.
Miss R Stead

Tastes like real Bakewell Tart!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss R Stead 10 June 2015
I love Bakewell Tart so I was really pleased when I tried this flavour,it tastes like you are eating a naughty treat,perfect for a sweet craving without the guilt!
Miss S ross

The best Nakd bar!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss S ross 12 May 2015
These are finally back in stock after what feels like ages! I absolutely love Bakewell tart so I was excited to try these when I saw individual bars in the supermarket. They taste amazing! I've made sure to stock up with a few boxes in case of another shortage!
Miss C Proctor

Great taste!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss C Proctor 04 May 2015
I love this flavour. It's one of my favourites. It feels like you're having a naughty treat, but without the calories and fat. Love them.
Ms K Thomas

Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Ms K Thomas 27 February 2015
I LOVE THESE BARS!! They are my absolute favouriet Nakd bar! It really does taste like a naughty bakewell tart treat! This bar has an amzing almond taste without being too sweet, I JUST LOVE THEM!! Ive turn on so many of my friends to nakd thanks to this beauty! SO GOOD!!!

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