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NEW Nakd Peanut Delight Bar

Nakd Peanut Delight 35g
  • Chunky peanuty goodness
  • Guilt-free & delicious
  • 18 gluten free bars
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Go nuts for peanuts with our splendid new Peanut Delight bar, packed with all the goodness you’ve come to know and love from Nākd.  Perfect as a pick-me up between meals or just when you feel like treating yourself, this lovely bar has a deep, rich peanut taste from chunky peanut pieces and of course, they’re smooshed together with delicious dates. Made with nothing but natural ingredients, this guilt-free delight is sure to satisfy any snack-hankerings.

Naturally Nuttylicious

There’s nothing worse than feeling hungry for a tasty something, rummaging in your bag or through your desk drawers and coming up empty-handed. Avoid this horrible realisation and grab yourself a case of our Peanut Delight bars and never get caught snackless again. Just a few clicks and you’ll have a lovely nutty stockpile in no time at all.

Nakd Fans unite!

"I love anything with peanuts! The taste, the texture and the fact they are good for me makes them my go-to snack! This new bar is just what I need for my commute back from work before I hit the gym for an energy boost. They taste absolutely superb too – I would definitely recommend!" - Jane

Nothing but the good stuff

What makes each and every bar so special is that they are 100% natural, made from whole, raw ingredients and nothing else. If you see peanut confectionary bars as nothing short of irresistible then this is the perfect healthy alternative. We have no room for any artificial flavourings, preservatives, added sugars or any of that business. Just fruits, nuts and a hint of natural flavouring is all that goes into them, and they are all the better for it. Guilt, gluten, wheat and dairy free and vegan friendly too – brilliant!

This satisfying slice of goodness is not only vegan, but you're sorted if you're looking to a gluten, wheat and dairy free treat too! Just like all of our Nākd bars, this Peanut Delight bar is suitable for a whole range of dietary needs and is:

  • Dairy free

  • Wheat and gluten free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Low in saturated fats

  • Free from added sugar and syrups

  • GM Free

  • Kosher Approved

  • Deliciously simple!


Ingredients: Dates (53%), PEANUTS (46%), Sea salt and a hint of natural flavouring.

Allergy Information: May also contain traces of soya, other nuts and the odd shell or pit piece :)

Typical values  per 100g per 35g



Energy 425kcal 149kcal
Fat 21.5g 7.5g
(of which saturates) 3.9g 1.4g
Carbohydrate 41.7g 14.6g
(of which sugars) 38.8g 13.6g
Fibre 5.0g 1.8g
Protein 13.6g 4.8g
Salt 0.5g 0.2g

Contains only the naturally occurring, unrefined sugars found within fruit.

Most helpful customer reviews  

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Miss N Martin

Soooo Delicious
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Miss N Martin 03 September 2016
The best yet, I do t think this bar could get any better. I love the texture contrast of the crunchy chunky peanuts. Fabulous
 B Pearson

Healthy snickers
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B Pearson 03 August 2016
This literally tastes like a healthy snickers bar. I think it is my favourite bar yet!
Miss R Nugent

Above and beyond!
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Miss R Nugent 31 July 2016
I like the Trek Peanut Power and expected this bar to be the same, but smaller! But when I tried it, OMG! The sea salt is what makes this one different, it tastes very much like salted peanuts. And the pieces are large too, making it nice and crunchy! Highly recommend!
Miss L Mcguinness

So good!
Star OnStar OnStar OnStar OnStar On

Miss L Mcguinness 27 July 2016
Omg this is so good! Another favourite of mine, glad to see its a new one.

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