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Toffee Treat
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  • BBE Oct 2018
  • 18 yummy bags
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Toffee is a staple of the British sweet tradition. Well, we've carried on that tradition in a new way - our Nakd Toffee Treat Nibbles reaches the flavoursome heights of the original dessert without using an influx of sugars and additives. These Nakd Toffee Treat Nibbles allows you to satisfy the sweet tooth without bringing on the guilt.  

Beautiful, completely natural and flavoursome!

A delightful snack which rests its faith in completely natural ingredients - you won't find anything processed in these nibbles, just fruits, nuts and a slither of natural flavouring. The Nakd Toffee Treat Nibbles are accommodating little things too, being gluten, wheat and dairy free. (Secret Nakd Top Tip: Try sprinkling these on your porridge and oatmeal, you won't be disappointed!)

Loving the nibbles!

“My sweet tooth often lets me down – I’m constantly after that fix which of course isn’t always the healthiest of options. However, the Nakd Toffee Treat Nibbles have been a godsend! I can experience those fantastic flavours without the guilt! Fantastic product – I’ll definitely be ordering the mixed case!” – Adrian

Grab a bunch!

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Only the healthiest stuff makes it into these nutritious nuggets, and we always use as few ingredients as possible to avoid adding anything your body doesn’t need. Anyone can enjoy our Toffee Treat Nibbles, but those with particular dietary requirements might like to know that they are also:

  • ​Dairy free
  • Wheat and gluten free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Kosher Approved
  • Low in saturated fats
  • Free from added sugar
  • GM Free
  • One of your 5 a day!
  • Deliciously simple!


Ingredients: Dates (50%), CASHEWS (23%), Raisins (18%), Cocoa (5%) Rice Flour and a hint of natural flavouring.

Allergy Information: may contain traces of soya, sesame, peanuts, other nuts and the odd shell or pit piece :) 

Typical values  per 100g per 40g



Energy 348kcal 139kcal
Fat 12g 4.8g
(of which saturates) 2.6g 1.1g
Carbohydrate 54g 21.6g
(of which sugars) 47.6g 19g
Fibre 4.8g 1.9g
Protein 7.5g 3g
Salt <0.1g 0.0g

Contains only the naturally occurring, unrefined sugars found within fruit.

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Mrs J King

Even the Nakd find my fav quiz picked these as my no.1 choice!
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Mrs J King 21 December 2017
Being on a restricted diet can sometimes be a nightmare but these Nakd nibbles have completely changed this for me. I cant get enough of them and I look forward to them as a treat everyday. Everyone needs to try them. There healthy and full of amazing flavour with a great texture. Nakd your truly amazing at what you do, please don't ever stop.
Mrs Z Rusga

Heaven in a Nibble
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Mrs Z Rusga 22 September 2016
I picked these up at the checkout in ASDA this morning. Having bought a box of the Nakd Bakewell Tart bars, I was delighted to see the Nibbles (having munched my way though a family bag of Revels whilst watching Bridget Jones at the cinema, and feeling a tad guilty). I though it would be a toffee coated nut, toffee coated raisin, toffee coated date, just like a pack of Revels, but no, everything is smooshed up, just like the pack says! It's genius! I LOVE the taste, the toffee flavour is so nice and the nibbles are so filling, that I've actually stopped mid bag to write this review, as I don't feel the need to to wolf the whole lot in one go (like I do with the Bakewell Tart Bars - seriously smoosh those bars up into nibbles, and you will be onto a winner!!
Miss Z Berger

Not wild about the flavour
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Miss Z Berger 18 April 2016
Thought I'd try these out as a healthy alternative snack. Not wild about the flavour, leave quite a strong, dense aftertaste in the mouth. Made of dates, cashews, raisins and cocoa. Nice handy little snack and they do last a long time to just nibble on. I like the chewiness but the rice flour gives a dry grainy texture. Will be trying other flavours though to find another that I like.
Mrs D Smith

Fabulous -almost too good to be true!
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Mrs D Smith 06 September 2015
Healthy sweets! Does it get any better? I think not.
Mrs N Wyatt

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Mrs N Wyatt 20 July 2015
In think I may be slightly addicted to these,they are my fave Nakd nibbles and I can't stop eating them! Give them a go!

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