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TREK Protein Shake

TREK Vegan Protein Energy Shake

Check out this superb protein shake comprised of a delicious mix of new TREK Chunks, nut butter and vegan milk.

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Nakd Chocolate Raspberry Delight

Nakd Chocolate Raspberry Delight

Treat yourself with this indulgent dessert comprised of beautiful natural ingredients such as dark chocolate and raspberries as well as our delectable Nakd Coconut Bliss Nibbles. Absolutely delicious!

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Nakd Breakfast Pots UK

Nakd Berry Breakfast Pots

Learn how to create this fantastic, flavoursome and healthy breakfast bursting with berry and coconut in four easy steps!

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Aubergine Curry

Aubergine and Green Lentil Curry

Curries are amazing – out of all the dishes out there, they are the ones that have the most depth and character due to the number of ingredients they have. At Natural Balance Foods we love a good curry (as long as it’s healthy and delicious)!

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Nakd Strawberry Overnight Oats UK

Nakd Strawberry Overnight Oats

Learn how to create a flavoursome strawberry twist on your classic breakfast oats using delectable Nakd Strawberries & Cream Nibbles. Easy to prepare with impressive and tasty results.

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Nākd Raspberry Posh Mousse Cake Update

Nākd Raspberry Posh Mousse Cake

Get enchanted by the velvety consistency of this incredible mousse cake using Nakd's incredibly tasty Posh Bits doused in a rich raspberry flavour. This recipe has an easy method with an impressive outcome.

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