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Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are brilliant! packed full of the good stuff when you need a nutritious breakfast on the go. Get a bunch of tasty and healthy fruit, vegetables and herbs, stick them in a blender, whiz them around and pour out to enjoy. Here's some cracking ideas for you to try at home!

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Delicious Dairy Free Yoghurt

Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt

Yogurts are a great healthy snack that can include just about any combination of ingredients to result in something yummy and tasty. If you are looking for some inspiration to make your own try this fab recipe for a dairy free alternative packed full of good fats and vitamins.

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Pear Breakfast Bake

Pear, Lemon and Ginger Breakfast Bake

This is a lovely breakfast treat kindly sent to us by Ruth over at Makey Cakey - packed full of protein and fruity goodness. Perfect to fuel you up for the day ahead, particularly on cold, wet and windy days. Try one today!

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Pomegranate Shot

Pomegranate, Lemon and Basil Shot

This is short, sharp “shot” will literally awaken all 5 senses! A herby lemon taste with the “sweet” astringency of pomegranate, this juice leaves a wonderful lingering freshness on the tongue. Why not try to make one today . . .

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Wholesome Hazelnut Granola

Everyone loves granola! Granola is healthy, versatile, tasty, filling and surprisingly easy to make at home. This means you can customise the texture and flavour to how you like it best, giving you a great chance to experiment.

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Overnight Oats

Bannoffee Overnight Oats

What’s that you say? Dessert? For breakfast?! AND it’s healthy?! Yep that’s right!! This banoffee overnight oats recipe takes five minutes to prepare the night before and you have a nutritious breakfast that will keep you going until lunchtime.

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Green Smoothie Bowl - Natural Balance Foods

Green Smoothie Bowl

Smoothies are awesome! Quick, healthy and totally tasty - but why only put it in a glass? Check out this Green Smoothie Bowl recipe and never blend the same again :)

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Nakd Tropical Quinoa Porridge Edit UK

Nakd Tropical Quinoa Porridge

Add a tropical twist to your porridge with the delicate creaminess of coconut milk and vanilla extract, topped up with delectable Nakd Coconut Bliss Nibbles!

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Nakd Strawberry Overnight Oats UK

Nakd Strawberry Overnight Oats

Learn how to create a flavoursome strawberry twist on your classic breakfast oats using delectable Nakd Strawberries & Cream Nibbles. Easy to prepare with impressive and tasty results.

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Nakd Breakfast Banoffee Parfait

Nakd Breakfast Banoffee Parfait

Wallflower Aimee brings us a tasty breakfast recipe with this Banoffee Parfait using Nakd Banana Crunch bars at its sweet centre. It's littered with a series of intriguing ingredients including dates, vanilla and coconut.

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TREK Protein Shake

TREK Vegan Protein Energy Shake

Check out this superb protein shake comprised of a delicious mix of new TREK Chunks, nut butter and vegan milk.

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Nakd Breakfast Pots UK

Nakd Berry Breakfast Pots

Learn how to create this fantastic, flavoursome and healthy breakfast bursting with berry and coconut in four easy steps!

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