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Aubergine Curry

Aubergine and Green Lentil Curry

Curries are amazing – out of all the dishes out there, they are the ones that have the most depth and character due to the number of ingredients they have. At Natural Balance Foods we love a good curry (as long as it’s healthy and delicious)!

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Bolognese Wrap

Delicious Bolognese Wrap

Do you love Spaghetti Bolognese but wish there was a low-carb alternative? Well, fear not, our friends at Hilmotts have put together a great vegan recipe, perfect for wraps. Unleash your culinary skills and try this deliciously simple recipe tonight!

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Couscous Recipe

Fiery Tofu with Carrot Infused Couscous

Just in time for the summer, we have a great recipe for you to try. Bursting at the seams with exciting flavours this recipe from our buddies at Hillmotts is a real winner that you just have to try. Impress friends, family and loved ones with your skills!

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Stuffed Baby Squash Salad

Stuffed Baby Squash with Quinoa, Cranberries and Pistachios

This winter “Christmassy” squash salad is sweet, filling and delicious! It is packed full of high-nutrient superfoods such as kale, cranberries, pistachios and red quinoa - why not give it a try this Christmas?

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Vegan Black Bean Chilli

Vegan Black Bean Chilli Recipe

Even though the evenings are getting lighter, there's still a chill in the air, and this warming chilli from Ruth Ellis at Makey Cakey is a perfect supper to keep you cosy and warm. It's very versatile - enjoy it with corn chips, rice, tortillas or tacos

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Rainbow Salad

Rainbow Salad with Avocado and Sweet Potato

Gluten free snacks for vegetarians don’t need to be boring! At Natural Balance Foods we’re all about food that tastes great and is fantastically good for you at the same time. This delicious rainbow salad is just one way to do that . . .

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Recipe for Paella

Vegetarian Paella Recipe - Artichoke & Red Onion

Paella is awesome. There are so many different flavour combinations you can use to produce really tasty, healthy and satisfying dishes. Vegetarian? No problem – try this artichoke & red onion paella kindly given to us from our friends at Hillmotts and whip up this Spanish classic with a twist.

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Quinoa burgers

Quinoa Cakes

If you’re looking for healthy, tasty snack ideas then look no further! Our buddies over at Hillmotts have sent over a lovely recipe for quinoa cakes that are filling, delicious and super-versatile. Packed with protein from the quinoa and vitamins & minerals from the kale, these are perfect to munch on between meals, or you can even form them into larger patties for veggie-friendly burgers!

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Sweet potato nachos

Vibrant Vegan Nachos

Sweet potatoes make for a healthy, colourful and filling alternative to the usual tortilla chips. The perfect Saturday night film food!

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buddah bowl

Beautiful Buddah Bowls

This nourishing bowl of goodness is the perfect midweek meal - to speed things up, pre-cook your rice on a Sunday, keep in the fridge and save yourself 20 minutes! Super sweet potato is packed with vitamins for a nutritious and delicious dinner!

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Mashed Celeriac Recipe UK

Mashed Celeriac with Coconut and Nutmeg

Celeriac is a nutritious, mineral-rich autumn/winter root vegetable, high in fibre and low in carbohydrate calories. Here, the delightfully smooth mash is enthused with coconut and nutmeg flavours.

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