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"Hi, I thought I would send a little message to show my appeciation. My local supermarket at home stocks the berry cheeky nakd bars which I have been a fan of for a while now. However, upon moving to Bath for university, I discovered that the campus supermarket stocks a variety of the new flavours inluding cashew cookie, gingerbread, cocoa orange and pecan pie....I immediately bought one of each flavour and loved them. However, it was the gingerbread one that really appealed to my taste buds the most. This bar is AMAZING, so moist, flavourful, not to mention totally healthy and nutritious! To me, it tastes like Christmas in a bar.”


"I just wanted to let you know that your Nakd bars really worked a treat whilst skiing recently. As I was out all day and pounding the pistes, as a diabetic I had to be careful to maintain my energy levels. Unlike other bars I've tried, I seem to have found the perfect solution in Nakd - my levels were maintained, with no spikes or drops, and they really did fill me up as a snack. It's a shame everyone else started on them too as it meant I could no longer keep them to myself!"


"Hello my dear Nakd bar people, I have to report a phenomenon in our household, when I brought home a packet of your nakd Berry Cheeky bars tonight and offered one to usually stubbornly non-fruit-eating 14 year old son, who (in a moment of curiosity) took a bite and yes ate the whole thing, and another! Truly this is a big event here and I wanted to thank you for your healthy snack. Yum yum"


"I have recently made the choice to become vegan and it is very hard to find tasty snacks that I can eat. However, I bought one of your Nakd Bars and I have been hooked ever since. They are so delicious and the fact that your company is also ethically conscious is amazing. Thanks for making such great stuff to eat and keep the Nakd Bars coming! (Apple Pie is my favourite!)"


“I've never felt the need to send a feedback email to a company before but I just adore these nakd bars so much! To me, the chocolate raw bars taste exactly like brownie-but of course far less naughty ;) I'm excited to see how the range develops and I'm getting my friends hooked!”


"Hello,I just wanted to thank you regarding my last two orders, they arrived quickly, I was so pleased with my freebies too! Also, I thought the valentines theme was a good touch.As usual i enjoy eating my eat nakd treat everyday!"


"My admiration for the Trekkies continues to increase.I look forward to munching my way energetically across Sutherland! Quite seriously, I reckon that a Trek bar provides most of what I need for lunch on even a really strenuous walk, without any hassle of carrying lots of bulk or having to cook. Keep up the good work!"


"Just wanted to tell you that I love your products... Cherry infused raisins are genius:) Keep up the good work."


"Dear Natural Balanced Foods,I would like to thank you for creating such delicious and nutritious bars. I first saw and tried your bars in Tesco, and ever since then I've ordered in bulk, tried and tested the whole range. I have my favourites which are trek protein flapjacks and nakd cashew cookie bar. Thank you for promoting good health in such a cheerful way. I still get so excited when my order comes in the post! Its worth every penny."


"Just want to drop a line to say how great the Crazy Cola raisins are. They smell fantastic and taste just like fizzy cola bottle. They taste more like a sweet than fruit and being 1 or your 5 a day it’s healthy too. I also love the Cocoa mint bars but are finding it hard to get hold of them. Great to have food that is good for you but tastes like it’s not. Keep up the good work ."


"Hi,I picked up an old magazine recently and saw your bars mentioned in an article about healthy eating.....I did wonder where I'd get them and then a few days later saw them in our local supermarket - I was delighted! Anyway, I bought the cocoa & orange and the banana bread - they are DELICIOUS! Have been trying to eat healthier and lose a little weight and these bars fit the bill superbly! Thank you and please, please don't stop making!!!"


"Hi! I just wanted to send you a message to tell you how much I LOVE your Cocoa Loco bars. I recently decided to become a vegan and of course I had doubts that I would be able to resist all the sweets/chocolate that I was used to. Finding Cocoa Loco bars has made it easy for me to stick to my new diet as they are so yummy and even if I wasn't vegan I would honestly pick these over all other "treats" that I used to eat. I have been telling all my friends to try them, as I feel the need to share how great they are"


"Hello i just wanted to say that your products, in particular your trek coca brownie bars, are all amazing! I buy them regularly on my lunch breaks at work from my local Holland and Barrett store and i think you’re doing a great job! Good for watching my waist line but they are so nice you would not think they would be so good for you"


"I’ve just tried your bars for the first time- I don’t know why it has taken so long to try them- but I’m so glad I did! My three year old son ate two of them in the supermarket while we were shopping and asked for more (this from an avid chocolate button fan). They are really a breakthrough product. Not only do they taste delicious but I love how they are raw and really very healthy. I have recently begun a gluten free diet and can’t wait for my order of mixed bars to arrive. Brilliant for children and adults alike- I will certainly be trying other items in your range soon."


"hi. I had one you’re your mixed berry trek bars this morning after running to work. Hadn’t seen them before. It was really good. It’s hard for me to find quick healthy snacks as I can‘t eat wheat or dairy. I usually have flapjack or 9Bar seed bars which are ok but contain a lot of syrup etc, so am pleased to find an alternative!"


"Thank you so much for the pineapple raisins, we all tried a bag and really enjoyed them."


"I probably couldn't be more excited about my NAKD box soon to be delivered in the post! So far I've only tried pecan pie and cocoa orange (and loved them), I can't wait to try the other flavours! So happy to have found something healthy, cute and natural. Hooray! "


"I would like to start this message by saying 'What took you so long?' ;) Seriously, i'd like to congratulate who ever initiated this 'project'. I am a huge lover of nature and of natural food of course not just because it is healthy but also because it’s delicious as nature provides us with basically everything we need and does it all with perfection. When i see 100% natural snack and then i taste it and its delicious, of course I’m delighted! :) I picked up a banana bread Nakd bar from the supermarket because it seemed interesting, then i fell in love with them after the second bar, and then i bought a box ... :D I love how you deliver all that natural goodness in the form of a brilliant snack and in such a great variety and thank you for keeping it pure without the use of artificial products. It was about time for something like this to arrive. We got sick of being fed sugar-coated garbage. Thank You and best of luck!! - Georgia"


"Love the Peanut and Oat and Mixed Berry bars, not so keen on Cocoa Brownie, as i dont  like the taste of chocolate. I use them normally as I play American football brilliant pre during and after games and pre post work outs. Would recommend them to all my friends as don’t like having protein shakes."


"I just received my first delivery from your website. I love all the positive, lighthearted little phrases on your delivery note and was excited to find two free gifts!! An unexpected surprise. The cola raisins are fantastic - I am veggie and don't eat anything with gelatine so these are the perfect alternative to cola bottles! Thanks guys x"


"Hello Nakd lovelies! I just thought id drop you a line and tell you that i love your nakd bars so much and i would eat them all day if i could, yum yum. My partner says yuk to fruit and veg and i have to hide veg in recipes, and make smoothies when possible to keep her alive (i am a veggie so dinner time is always interesting!) I was eating an apple pie nakd bar and she stole a bite from it and it awakened her taste buds. Now we fight over them and I no longer have to sneak fruit into things HOORAH!! She even goes into the local vegan supermarket and buys them! 10 million points for making fruit and yummy stuff taste so good to even the fussiest of (weird) eaters. You never had to convince me by the way- i loved them as soon as i saw them on the shelves. I own an ethical gift shop so as soon as people start spending their pocket money again and i can get some cash together I will buy some to put in my shop to sell (and try not to eat them all!) as i think everyone should know about them. I heart you lots"


"Just to let you know how much I love the orange infused raisins. I use them in porridge, in salads, mixed with couscous and just to munch on their own. Thanks for this wonderful food. "


"As a vegan, I struggle to get nice chocolate substitute. But just wanted to let you know that I have tried today for the first time the Cocoa Loco bar and it is amazing!!It will do nicely from now on to replace chocolate for me, it really is lovely!"


"I just wanted to let you know how much a fan i have been for a few years now. I absolutely love Trek bars, especially the Cocoa Brownie bar. Recently I discovered the Nakd bars which I also think are fab. I often just have a bar before a long flight (I’m cabin crew) or before a good gym session. Keep up the good work x "


"Simply brilliant! I’m a new mummy-to-be who has been suffering with all day sickness and I was resorting to having sugary sweets in my handbag at all times until I found your infused raisins. Especially love the cola flavoured ones and now everyone at work is hooked too. And it’s one of my five a day.....bonus, pat on the back to myself "


"Just wanted to say how much I love your flavoured raisins, what a fantastic idea! We have pineapple, orange and lemon flavours in our office today. Wishing your company the best of luck and success in the future!"


"Hi there! I would never normally email a company but I just had to congratulate you on your Nākd banana bread bar! As a mum I'm always on the lookout for healthy but tasty snacks for my young son. I picked up a box of your bars in Tesco and was impressed with the lack of rubbish additives and processed gunk that normally forms the bulk of these snack bars!
My son absolutely loved them and I am so happy I have finally found something I can give him that I know is good for him!"


"Hi, I’m another person who normally never bothers to write to companies, but I felt compelled to this time. The new Nakd bars are just fantastic. How did you manage to come up with something that tastes even better than chocolate?!!! I'm as far away as you can get from a health food junkie, but given the choice of pretty much any other biscuit, cake or sweet I'd choose one of the new bars every time. The flavours are brilliant. I expected to like one or two but, having tried the sampler pack, I'm happy to say that I love all of them. Thank you!"


"I also just wanted to say how much I love the Nakd range of products. Both my husband and I are health conscious vegans and so a nutritious, raw and tasty product range such as yours is a fabulous addition to our diets. I adore the Cocoa Mint and Cocoa Orange bars and my husband loves the Peanut & Oat bars."


"Just want to drop a line to say how great the Crazy Cola raisins are. They smell fantastic and taste just like fizzy cola bottle. They taste more like a sweet than fruit and being 1 or your 5 a day it’s healthy too."


"Hello lovely people at Nakd, Just thought I'd pop you an email to tell you what a massive fan of your range I am! Being wheat and dairy intolerant (and someone that tries to avoid eating nasties), your badboy bars are a godsend! I've tried so many 'health-bars', and normally the primary taste and texture is that of cardboard, or they are crammed with sugar! You have succeeded where others have failed! Yummy sweet treats that are guilt free and make my body very very happy. I'm off for a nice cuppa and a Pecan Pie bar! Boom!"


"I am writing to give a huge thank you for producing these delicious snacks. I recently purchased the apple pie bar and it was full of flavour and didn’t taste like the normal healthy food around, from the small amount I managed to eat before my 1 1/2 year old toddler took the rest and ate it. I think it’s great you have a range of raw foods with nothing added into them, and that fact my toddler liked it is a massive bonus"


"Like many of the people who have written to you, I don’t usually contact companies or post things on websites – but I too absolutely love your products, and your “Oatie” bars in particular both get me through the day and make my day! I am now eating a healthy diet and have made life-style changes for the sake of my health, and giving up chocolate was painful at first! Now I’d much rather eat a “Cocoa Loco” – or any of your products. Please don’t ever stop making them! I’ve lost weight, I feel great, and I’m eating fantastic nakd food! With grateful thanks"


"I just wanted to say a quick thanks to you all. I've just received the order we placed at the weekend which is very, very quick (so thank you). However, most of all, I wanted to say thanks for the extra freebies - brilliant idea. I think your company and the products you sell are brilliant (I particularly like the friendly notes all over your packaging which make people feel all warm and fuzzy when they eat your Nākd bars) but now I know that the customer service lives up to all that you stand for as well! A great company - and one that I'll certainly recommend."

Sharon & Mark

"I wanted to thank you for the yummy freebies which you placed in my order in December. The extra raisins really did make my day when I received them and I'm enjoying the bars I ordered as well - they are absolutely amazing for skiing because they cope well with the cold so I've been taking them with me on my holidays as well as enjoying them at work. I'll be ordering again!"


"Had a lovely surprise in the post this morning, a heavy parcel laden with goodies from you. Thank you so much for all of the bars and packets, some of which I’ve not seen before can't wait to try the banana bread bar and cocoa orange one, also the flavoured raisins. I promoted the cocoa loco bars at the Bristol surf show a couple of months back...there was a stall selling other bars and I always carry a Nākd bar, so I got it out to show them and told them how good they are,i also did this at a weight watchers meeting! I will continue to carry them in my bag and fill up whenever needed, after surfing ,between sports massages,kitesurfing or cycling...I now have enough to keep me going for a good while...thank you."


"Dear Natural Balance Foods,I was in ASDA the other day and I got the chance to buy some of your Nākd infused Raisins.I must say, WOW, I was very impressed they were delicious and truly tasted like ColaIf I had children, this would be the snack I’d feed them. For now I will enjoy them as a 26 year old man-child.  Thanks again for Tasty Raisins"


Nakd Bars are now officially the greatest thing ever to be created (in the food business, anyway)!!!

But, wow. I stopped and looked at the ingredients on the pecan pie bar and my jaw dropped open. Really?! Only dates, almonds and cashews? Three of my favourite things smushed together into a handy little bar? This can't be right! So I bought with the feeling that it will probably taste bad and I'll never buy it again...

Oh no. I think I will most definitely be buying again. And again. And, most likely, again.

You people are so awesome that I can't adequately express right now how much I love you strangers and your amazing products. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making great food.

 Lots of love, your new fan, Katie


LOVE the new flavours of Nakd bars – awesome!


I have just received my order of 21 nakd bars! They look truly wonderful. My vegan friend told me about them and said to try the Apple Pie flavour... and WOW! I read through the ingredients and couldn't find 'essence of Christmas' anywhere. Nor did it say 'a pinch of magic', but i'm sure that was in there somewhere too. ;)
Anywho, I just thought I'd tell you how happy I am, especially as my Freebie was in fact an Apple Pie flavoured Nakd bar.

It's ever so lovely having a healthy, no nonsense snack for in between my meals - they really hit the spot! Tomorrow's flavour will be Cashew Cookie... I can't wait. :)


Hi there,
A quick email just to show my gratitude really. Basically when I was
younger I suffered really badly with acne and after loads of research
and expensive dermatology consultations I came to the conclusion that
milk was having a detrimental effect on my skin, this was not a good
outcome for some who enjoys going to the gym trying to build muscle as
a lot of the protein supplements contain whey. For years I lived it
fear that taking a whey supplement was effecting my spots but I
couldn't give up the gym (my passion) just because I was making my face
look a mess? Well, the thought crossed my mind several times and it was
making me unhappy, knowing that one of the things I loved was effecting
my life so dramatically is like a viscous circle that I wouldn't wish upon anyone.
I just wish I'd discovered your products sooner! Your trek bars and
protein flapjacks are incredible, not only can I eat them in abundance
and have the piece of mind they won't break me out but they taste
awesome and are full of good calories that keep me going throughout my
job and then on to the gym! I've got a carpet and upholstery cleaning
business and recently set up and tile and stone restoration cleaning
business so my jobs are very physical and having so something tasty and
nutritious to grab quickly on the go is an absolute pleasure!
So thanks again for creating such a great product and if there's
anything I can do to repay you guys by helping market your product to
get more people involved then I'd be more than happy to do it! You
never know there might be a few people out three who are like I was?

Thanks for your time



My 12 year old son is dairy free and finding tasty dairy free snacks can be an absolute nightmare - picked up a box of your Berry Delight bars in Sainsburys yesterday and totally loved them - opens up a whole new world!


Kind Regards


Sian and Cam

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