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TREK Cranberry Kick Chunks - 14 Bags

TREK Cranberry Kick Protein Energy Chunks
  • 12g Protein
  • 14 slow release energy snacks - 60g Bags
  • Vegan, GF & 1 of 5 a day!

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TREK Cranberry Kick Protein Energy Chunks are aptly named due to their immense and intense fruity flavour which leaps out in the company of soft moreish almond. Not only are these bitesize chunks erupting with flavour, but they also contain a whopping 12g of protein and are made using natural wholefood ingredients. 

Sensational Taste

Chunks by name, chunks by nature. They’re great when exercising on the go when you need to interval fuel or when you’re looking to graze on a healthy snack. Each bag contains 12g of protein and wholefood ingredients to give you a sustained energy boost that won’t cause a sugar spike! 

Crazy For The Kicks!

“I love all kinds of fruit and keep my eye on the Natural Balance Food ranges to discover which flavours they’re experimenting with next. I was excited to find the awesome flavour of cranberry kick using real cranberry pieces! I’ll definitely be adding these to my list of workout foods!” - Theresa

Wholesome Snacking

Our TREK Cranberry Kick Chunks gets its ‘kicks’ from purely natural ingredients such as dates, cranberry, raisins and gluten free oats. The bites are comprised of an awesome combination of contents which amounts to one of your five-a-day, whilst remaining gluten-free, vegan friendly and of course incredibly tasty! 

Our Cranberry Kick Protein Energy Chunks are: 

• Packed with protein (12g)
• Made with wholefood ingredients for slow release energy
• Made with gluten free oats & wheat free
• 1 of your 5 a day
• Perfect for grazing with a cuppa 
• GMO Free
• Vegan friendly
• Kosher Friendly

Ingredients: Dates (35%), SOYA protein Crunchies (SOYA protein, tapioca starch, salt) (17%), Apple Juice concentrate (16%), SOYA flour (8%), ALMONDS (7%), Raisins (6%), Gluten free oats (6%), Rich starch (3%), Cranberries (2%), A hint of natural flavourings 

Allergy Information: may also contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and the odd shell or pit piece :) 

Typical values  per 100g per 60g
Energy 1414kJ 848kJ
Energy 336kcal 202kcal
Fat 6.5g 3.9g
(of which saturates) 0.9g 0.5g
Carbohydrate 44.0g 26.4g
(of which sugars) 38.0g 22.8g
Fibre 9.0g 5.4g
Protein 20.7g 12.4g
Salt 0.4g 0.2g
Manganese 1.1mg 0.7mg
Manganese NRV* %  57% 34%

Manganese source: helping maintain your metabolism to give you energy.

Contains only the naturally occurring, unrefined sugars found within fruit.

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Mrs R Settle

Yum yum yum
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Mrs R Settle 05 May 2017
These are lovely 😍 Kind of a bit cold fruit crumble-ish... Great to have as a gym bag snack. Hide from the kids!!
Mr D Butcher

Decent protein snack for on the go.
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Mr D Butcher 01 May 2017
I've had these (unlike mr 1 star who thinks it's appropriate to review things he's never tried) they taste decent. I use them as an on the go protein snack before or after the gym. 23 grams of sugar is the same as you'd find in a large apple and the percentage of sugar in these items (made from fruit and dates) is what you'd expect them to be NB it's a lower sugar % than in the nakd protein snacks. There are no added sugars or syrups. If you are on a low carb diet then fruit based products aren't for you.
Mr S Warrior

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Mr S Warrior 08 March 2017
23g of sugar! Yummy

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